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HoangSuPhi season of pouring water - Great masterpiece to attract souls(The End)
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 HoangSuPhi season of pouring water - Great masterpiece to attract souls(The End)



In addition to the experience of discovering Hoang Su Phi in the flooding season, you can also go to Hoang Su Phi and visit many other natural masterpieces with unique identities in the Northwest sky.

1. Rice viewing points in Hoang Su Phi during the rice season

You can go to Hoang Su Phi in the ripe rice season to enjoy the land and sky, watching the immense ripe rice field, immense with golden sunshine.

Phung Village terraced fields

Ban Phung is a commune located near the border with China. From Vinh Quang town, you follow a small mountain pass nearly 30 km long to cross the mountain to reach the commune center.


http://www.number1travelvietnam.com/index.phpTerraced fields glorious ripening season

Without broad valleys such as Muong Hoa and Cao Pha, terraced fields in Ban Phung are craggy on steep slopes. This is one of the places with the highest terraces in Vietnam.

Ho Thau terraced fields

Ho Thau is a commune of Hoang Su Phi, about 16km from Nam Tich intersection. This is the terraced fields of the Red Knife. The people here are in tears, with a small clearing around each field to keep the land from landslides.


2. Flowers triangular circuit

Going to Hoang Su Phi at the end of autumn, after the terraced fields have been harvested, it is also the time when the yellow color of rice is replaced by the vibrant colors of the triangular flowers.



Buckwheat flower is season blooming.

3. Tay Con Linh Moutain Peak

Tay Con Linh is a mountain peak in the upper mass of Chay river in western Ha Giang province, Tay Con Linh mountain range is located in Hoang Su Phi and Vi Xuyen districts, 46 km from Ha Giang town. This is the highest peak in Northeast Vietnam and one of the highest peaks in Vietnam. On the top of the mountain there is a geodesic landmark and primary forest at the foot of the mountain.


The majestic Tay Con Linh mountain

4. Hoang Su Phi fair

Not as bustling as the market below, the trade here takes place quite quickly giving way to the spiritual exchange.

http://www.number1travelvietnam.com/index.phpHoang Su Phi Fair- Ha Giang

People go to the market but excited like going to a festival. Therefore, there were girls and boys coming to the market the night before in time for the market meeting. People here perceive that the market for clothes must be fresh so they spend the best clothes to enter the market. You cannot miss the feeling of attending the fair in the journey to discover Hoang Su Phi during the flooding season.



5. Chieu Lau Thi mountain peak

Chiêu Lầu Thi is called in the local language, Nine floors, located 42km from the center of Hoang Su Phi district. This is one of the high mountains in the West Con Linh range in Ho Thau commune, Hoang Su Phi district.

http://www.number1travelvietnam.com/index.phpDawn on Chieu Lau Thi.

This is one of the highest peaks in the Northeast of our country. The highest area of ​​the mountain peak is formed by huge blocks of stone in succession so it is very convenient to observe because the view can reach tens of kilometers on clear days. In rainy days, fog often covers mountains to create the beauty of a fairy-tale place.

Let's discover Hoang Su Phi, the beautiful and exciting time of flowing water


Editor: Lan Nguyen

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